How the amhnc
came to be

a trip back in time

The origin of the Addictions & Mental Health Network of Champlain (AMHNC) actually predates the establishment of the 14 Local Health Integration Networks. In April of 2007, the LHINs were created by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to plan, fund and coordinate health care services across the province of Ontario. But the precursor to the AMHNC, the Champlain Mental Health Network, was meeting as early as 2005 to collaborate on how the system the might be improved for the benefit of all.

Like today’s Network, it was comprised of mental health service providers from across the Champlain region, as well as family caregivers and clients. Operationally, there were five committees, each working on a different area of concern. The committees, in turn, reported to an Executive Table by sending a representative to a steering committee meeting.

In the summer of 2006, the writing was on the wall. The provincial government was fully committed to the formation of the LIHNs and the amalgamation of mental health and addiction services. So a number of volunteers from the Champlain Mental Health Network reached out to the addictions sector and spent the summer at Maison Fraternité  hammering out the framework of what would become the Addictions & Mental Health Network of Champlain. 

However, it wasn’t until September of 2011 that the Champlain LHIN formally recognized the importance of the AMHNC in providing expertise, contributing leadership, and advising the Champlain Local Health Integration Network on strategic planning, system integration and leading practices. It was then that the AMHNC and the CLHIN agreed to work together to advance the addictions and mental health needs of the Champlain region and its local communities.